Hamburg 2007

In front of green area “Schwanenwik” in Außenalster will be erected a swimming pool on the site of former Baths Hohenfelde, which will offer a unique view on Außenalster while swimming in. The structure consists of 100-meter-long pool and terrace made of wood offering visitors place to lay down, relax and sunbath. Aside can be found the one-storey structure housing technical devices and systems, sanitary facilities and a small gastronomy as well. The horizontal character of structure will not block the view on Außenalster, so the new use will only increase the value of the green area above.

Client: Bäderland Hamburg GmbH
Architects: Wilk-Salinas Architekten
Artist: Susanne Lorenz
Assistants: Josef Herz (Details), Martin Wirth (tendering)