London 2014

Our proposal for a transparent swimming-pool suspended over the jetty, as part of the Real-State development of the Battersea Power Station, creating an emblematic London Blue Blaze. A summer environment will be created on the jetty and riverfront sites, providing different functions throughout the day (relaxation, navigation, swimming or even urban gardening) and night (performances, screen projections ,  private and public events). All public places in the area are connected through itineraries and routes, creating new public spaces on the Thames.  We conceive a fully retractable roof over the pool, working like an accordion, covering and uncovering the space around several times throughout the day adjusting to  weather conditions.

Client: Battersea Project Phase 3 Development Company Limited
Architects: Wilk-Salinas Architekten
Architects: Menis Arquitectos
Multimedia: Luis Salinas