Berlin 2004

The enormous summer success of floating pool encouraged the client to apply few changes and put the already existing structure into use even during the cold and long winter. Spa complex – saunas, roofed pool, bar and lounge – is protected by pneumatic membrane-construction, which includes large windows, so the contact to the urban enviroment could be preserved. Translucent PVC-membranes provide the interior with generous daylight and release the gentle glow of artificial illumination at the dark, just like a shining float in the middle of Spree.  

Client:Kulturarena Veranstaltungs GmbH
Architects: Wilk-Salinas Architekten mit Thomas Freiwald
Photos: Torsten Seidel, Gilbert Wilk
Assitants: Catharine von Eitzen, Ann-Kristin Hase, Fabian Lippert, Nora Müller

Structural Engineer-platforms: IB Leipold, Berlin
Structural Engineer-ship: HHW + Partner, Hr. Wienecke, Braunschweig
Geometry of the textil: Fr. Prof. Dr. Wagner, Stuttgart und Hr. Prof. Dr. Gründig, Berlin
Construction of the textil: Schneidewind Planen, Berlin
Construction of the structure: Hendrik Beddies, Wriezen