Berlin 2004

The enormous success of the floating open-air swimming pool encouraged the client look for a way to use the already existing structure even during the long, cold winter months. A spa-complex was developed with roofed over saunas, swimming pool, bar and lounge areas, protected by a pneumatic membrane-construction with large panorama windows preserving the contact to the urban environment. Translucent membranes provide generous daylight to the interiors and release a gentle glow of artificial illumination in the dark – thus creating the impression of a shining float in the middle of the river Spree. 

Client:Kulturarena Veranstaltungs GmbH
Architects: Wilk-Salinas Architekten
Architect: Thomas Freiwald
Structural Engineering-platforms: IB Leipold, Berlin
Structural Engineering: HHW + Partner, Hr. Wienecke, Braunschweig
Geometry of the textile: Fr. Prof. Dr. Wagner, Stuttgart und Hr. Prof. Dr. Gründig, Berlin
Construction of the textile: Schneidewind Planen, Berlin
Construction of the structure: Hendrik Beddies, Wriezen
Assistants: Catharine von Eitzen, Ann-Kristin Hase, Fabian Lippert, Nora Müller
Photos: Torsten Seidel, Gilbert Wilk