Berlin 2012

Refurbishment and transformation of a bungalow from the 60s in the new house of the Bayati family. Divided in two levels in a slope, the access to the building is in the upper level, where the street is and which was considered the core of the house. The exit to the garden is in a lower level, which was considered the basement. The project transformed this level, opened it to the outer garden to use it as guest rooms and a study. The upper level was reorganized by opening walls and communicating the rooms, creating a new circulation and also new walls which work at the same time as storerooms and wardrobes. We freed the stair and the central area by removing walls and dark elements, building a new glass windbreak which illuminates the house from both sides.

Client: Bayati Family
Architects: Wilk-Salinas Architekten
Structural Engineer: IB Leipold
Assistants: Vero Zadworna, Maria Ganter, Luis Gutierrez