Seville 2009

The Manglar is a wellness, sport and leisure center, developed to enjoy the Guadalquivir river at an old industrial wharfage. The swimming-pool creates a subtle and clean water reflection on the river surface, surrounded by a wooden plattform. The terrace distorts its limits in the contact with the water, re-producing the Manglar landscape. The need of protection against the sun,  initiates a system of drapes covering the whole surface. The parasols are equally placed over the wood and the water. The Manglar embodies both – a touristic attraction and a revitalisation of the traditional relationship between the city and the river.

Initiative: Manuel Garcia Guirado y Gerardo Martinez Retamero
Client: Manglar de Sevilla S.L.
Architects: Wilk-Salinas Architekten
Assistant: Ana Palancar